IN-CMA Membership

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The IN-CMA does Facebook ads and a lot of LIKES and SHARES every day.  We do it all to promote country music in the Inland Northwest.  We also sponsor our own shows and events and sometimes sponsor outside events.  We provide information to the fans, promotions for the artists and venues and connections all around.  In an effort to recoup the costs of advertising, we are asking friends, fans, artists and venues to consider "membership" in the IN-CMA.  Membership has valuable benefits, as you can see below.  But the biggest benefit is that we keep the momentum going and continue to build on our successful country music scene here in this region! 

Fan Members get discount codes and are eligible for free tickets on selected shows.  Members get 1/2 price tickets to the annual awards show, guaranteed.  Also, members are allowed to vote on the official ballot for the IN-CMA awards!   

Artist Members receive all the same benefits as fan members PLUS your shows are included on the weekly radio ads and your name and shows are bolded on the weekly email blast.  Also, you can make the IN-CMA a co-host of your Facebook events, which increases visibility of the event. 

Recording Studio / Record Label Members get the same benefits as Venue members plus we are looking to partner with you so that we can promote your services to our artist members.

Venue Members receive all the fan member benefits PLUS every show at your venue is included in the radio ads and is bolded in the email blast. And you can make the IN-CMA a co-host of your Facebook events.  BONUS - when you host a show that features an IN-CMA artist member, those events are placed at the TOP of the email blast and are mentioned FIRST on the radio ads!