Inland Northwest Country Music was originally started as just a Facebook page in 2014.  Each week, on the Facebook page, would attempt to list all of the shows by tagging each performer and venue.  

Then in 2017, we added this website and also radio ads to promote the local shows.

On September 23rd, 2018 we had our first annual awards show!  Video coming soon!  Please consider supporting the local country music scene by becoming a MEMBER

In 2022 we had over 500 in attendance for our 5th annual awards show! The success of the "Inland" Northwest CMA has inspired us to cover more ground! We are now the "Northwest Country Music Association" covering all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming!   

The NW-CMA promotes all of the live country music in the region and we also sponsor special shows like Hagfest Northwest as well as the annual awards show.  We are very active on Facebook and you can always find live country shows on our page.