2022 Nominees and winners at the awards show!

If you're looking for talent or a venue or radio station, this is a great place to start - just click on them!

Favorite New Act (new to the in-cma's)
Cosmic Wagon 
Desert Highway Band 
Gil Rivas 
Honey and Rose - 1st runner up 
The Midnight Juliets
The Wildflowers - WINNER!

Favorite Female Vocalist
Carli Osika - 1st runner up
Cassandra Wheeler - Amazing perfomance

Chrissy Summering - Amazing performance
Lynette Ferguson 
Mel Dalton 
Payton Rae - WINNER! 
Stevie Lynne

Favorite Male Vocalist
Chaz Ridler - 1st runner up 
Evan Denlinger 
Luke Jaxon 
Michael Parks 
Rico Gallarza 
Sam McCue - WINNER!

Favorite Solo Act
Carli Osika - WINNER!
Hunter Stiles 
Jesse Quandt 
Joey Anderson 
Rusty Jackson 
Sammy Eubanks 
Steve Starkey - 1st runner up

Favorite Singer-Songwriter 
Brandon Jackson  
Carli Osika - 1st runner up 
Hunter Stiles  
Jesse Quandt  
Joey Anderson - WINNER!  
Mel Dalton  
Sam Leyde

Favorite Drummer/Percussionist
Jake West - WINNER!
Jamey Cunningham 
Justin Ruggles 
Kenny Sager 
Matt Fate - 1st runner up
Rico Gallarza 
Tom Kruiswyk

Favorite Bass Player
Harry Batty 
John Foresman, Jr 
Kelly Shelton - 1st runner up
Keven Franklin 
Mike Hensley 
Nate Norman - WINNER! 
Seth Humphrey

Favorite Lead Guitar
Cody Norman - WINNER!
Cody Parker 
Dillon Campbell 
Jesse Quandt - 1st runner up 
Kent Nelson 
Steve Starkey 
Woody Curtis, Jr

Favorite Instrumentalist (other)
Debbi Hahn - 1st runner up
Duane Becker 
Fiddlin' Sarah Jean - WINNER!
Keith Niehenke 
Kevin Shay 
Paul Brown 
Suzaan Botha


Favorite Acoustic Act
Luke Yates & Christy Lee - Amazing Performance
Okay Honey 
Rusty & Ginger 
The Sovereign Trio - Amazing Performance
The Wildflowers - 1st runner up 
The Ryan Larsen Trio 
Third Avenue - WINNER!

Favorite Band
Brandon Jackson Band 
Gin, Smoke & Lies 
Outwest - 1st runner up
Sam Leyde Band 
Tamarack Ridge Band - WINNER! 
The Hankers 
Theresa Edwards Band

Favorite Regional/Touring Act
Aaron Crawford - Amazing Performance
Colby Acuff 
Copper Mountain Band - WINNER!
Devon Wade Band
Joel Gibson, Jr. 
Kelly Hughes - 1st runner up 
Last Chance Band

Entertainer of the Year
Brandon Jackson Band 
Carli Osika 
Copper Mountain Band - WINNER! 
Sam Leyde - 1st runner up 
Tamarack Ridge Band 
Theresa Edwards

Song of the Year
Big Small Town - Sam Leyde - WINNNER! 
Division & Third - Joey Anderson 
Fake it to Make it - Jesse Quandt 
Fine Line - Miller's Sun, Chrissy Summering - Amazing Performance
Hard to Kill a Ghost - Jake Rozier 
Something to Prove - Gin, Smoke & Lies
Whiskey and Him - Carli Osika - 1st runner up

 Favorite Radio Personality
Heather Ryan 
Jamie Patrick 
Kevin James - WINNER!
Sybil - 1st runner up 

Favorite Radio Station
93.7 The Mountain - 1st runner up
99.3 Kix
99.9 Coyote Country - WINNER!

Favorite Larger/Band Venue
Arbor Crest 
Beck's Harvest House 
Knitting Factory - 1st runner up
Nashville North - WINNER!
The Bing Crosby Theater 
The Fox Theater

Favorite Intimate Live Music Venue
Black Diamond Presents - 1st runner up 
Bolo's Sports bar & Grill 
Iron Horse Spokane Valley - WINNER!
Lucky You